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Your trusted consultant, developer and marketer for Outlook, Office and Microsoft solutions and services.

Make Outlook ROCK

With 16 years of unparelleled experience building dozens of Outlook solutions, you are in good hands. From business process automation to CRM to hard-core messaging utilities, we can build it for enterprise or global users.

Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, etc.

After more than two decades of pure focus on the Microsoft platform, there is nothing we don't have at least a little experience with. Full stack skills = full value for our customers.

Build. Market. Sell. Make money!

We've been through the fire & flames building products and taking them to market for both business and consumer markets. We can not only build your software, we can help you sell it.

Thinking that's WAY outside the box

Our customers love us not only for phenomenal service, but because of creative solutions and trusted advice. You don't spend two decades doing this kind of work without learning a lot - and having fun.

In The News

The "Hour of Code
Helping spread the good word of coding LIKE A BOSS

Rockin' Microsoft's HQ
In 2014 Microsoft decided to use a photo from one of Eric's typical Rockaraoke performances
at the conference party during the annual MVP Summit in Redmond to plaster on banners and booths around their campus.

Book Launch
Eric, signing copies of his book at the launch of Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Step By Step, at McNally Robinson's Bookstore (Winnipeg, summer 2013)

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